The following questions and situations are typical of problems upon which we have advised-

  • “They haven’t paid for my goods and now they’ve gone bust. Can I get my goods back?”
  • “The builder has just walked off site and is demanding money. Do I have to pay him? Who is going to finish the job?”
  • “My ex-partners have just opened up down the road and are taking my business away. Can I stop them?”
  • “The computer doesn’t work. The suppliers keep trying to repair it but my business is suffering. What can I do?”
  • “The other directors have changed the locks at the factory and told me not to come back. What are my rights?”

We know that the circumstances are different in each situation. IN some cases it is better to avoids court proceedings altogether; in others a strong approach is necessary to bring about a quick and fair conclusion. We have the experience to consider carefully all the facts and commercial considerations and advise you accordingly.