• Unfair dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Sex or racial Discrimination
  • Conditions of employment

Practical legal solutions!

Whether you are an employer being taken to an Employment Tribunal or an employee facing dismissal or redundancy, or some other employment problem, the likelihood is that we have dealt with something very similar before. As a result of this we can share the problem and guide you, to ensure the most satisfactory and realistic outcome taking into account your commercial or personal objectives.

Why us?

  • Commercial knowledge – As a business ourselves we understand the seriousness of personnel and employment related issues. This gives a us an insight into the wider commercial implications of seeking a constructive outcome as quickly as possible.
  • Approach/understanding – Knowing the law is not enough. We know how to be sympathetic and understanding, to listen to what you want. We can also be tough however, when we need to be!
  • Experience – Our team has many years experience of advising many clients on these matters. It is the sum total of this experience that you are getting access to when you use us.
  • Costs – We firmly believe in advising you at the outset the likely costs that will be incurred and in ensuring that you understand the financial implications of what you are doing. The first interview with you is however free to enable you to obtain an initial assessment without fear of incurring a large bill.
  • Keeping in touch – Whatever the problem we will keep you informed on a regular basis about what is happening. We will never lose sight of how important your matter is to you.