Separation and Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership

If you have split, or are considering splitting, from your partner then you may wish to formalise the situation and it is advisable to consult with a solicitor to discuss your options and how the law affects you. If you decide not to do anything then this may have an impact on how matters are dealt with at a later date, i.e. how money/property is split and care arrangements for any children.

There are different rules which apply to those in a marriage or civil partnership and couples who are classed as co-habitants.

If you are married/in a civil partnership, in order to apply to the Court for a Divorce/Dissolution there are certain criteria which require to be met (known as the grounds for divorce/dissolution) and it can be a costly and time consuming exercise. Therefore, many people choose to enter into a Separation Agreement. This is a contract which we would assist you to negotiate and draft to ensure your best interests are met and safeguarded.

The benefit of a Separation Agreement is that it is a quicker and cheaper resolution and a Divorce/Dissolution can be applied for under the simplified rules in due course. It is often a less stressful way of dealing with matters and you will have more control over how issues are resolved. We can assist you in each step of the way and offer clear and concise advice.

Simplified Divorce

You may be able to apply to the Court for a Simplified Divorce, sometimes called a quickie Divorce. This is available to couples who are only asking the Court to Divorce them as they have been able to sort out their own financial and child care issues. We therefore recommend that you consult with us regarding the possibility of a Separation Agreement and whether this may be suitable for you.