Providing detailed in-depth advice from the earliest stage of the transaction

Jameson + Mackay have a wealth of experience in marketing residential property built up over many years operating in this field.

We are committed to quality of service and aim to provide detailed in-depth advice from the earliest stage of the transaction.

Our Services include

Marketing appraisal and valuation

  • A free service to prospective sellers based on years of experience and an extensive database of local property sales.

Mailing list

  • A full mailing list to match sellers to buyers.

Sales schedules

  • Top quality full colour schedules to give your property the best presentation.


  • We understand the importance of keeping in touch and will do so regularly.

Viewing arrangements

  • Viewing arrangements can be tailored to suit your own circumstances, including viewings accompanied by a member of staff where appropriate.


  • Our marketing package is simple. One registration fee at the beginning and an agreed commission on sale.
  • As standard we offer PSPC/TSPC, Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation, more than most of our competitors will, or can, offer.

Perthshire Solicitors Property Centre

  • PSPC is Perthshire’s largest property agency. As members of PSPC we have full access to all the additional services the centre provides, including advertising in the weekly Solicitors Property Guide and internet advertising on their web site – the site with the largest selection of property in Perthshire. For more details visit
  • It should be noted that not all local agencies can offer PSPC as part of your marketing package.

Cost Estimates

  • A full estimate of costs will be despatched to you in writing on request

The role of good photos

How important are photos for selling your house?

How many times do you see a sales schedule full of photos of rooms that are squint? Or out of focus, or full of clutter? Sadly the answer is too often.

Many estate agencies pay little attention to the quality of the photographs used in their marketing materials.

Yet, the photographs of the property are the first introduction most buyers have to the property. The photographs taken and chosen form the basis of the marketing for your property from day one till sold.

The quality of the photographs not only influences a potential buyer. Friends or family who are shown them may influence whether the property seems to be a good choice.

To create the best impression it is essential for the agent not just to snap what is presented on the day the property is visited but to advise on how the presentation could be improved and ensure the photos are taken at the right time, even if this means revisiting the property to make sure the weather and the light are right for the best outcome.

There is no doubt that getting the best photo of a property in Scotland can be challenging. Grey drizzly days do not create a vibrant shot. Sometimes it is simply about coming back when the weather, or the sun is in the right place.

Clutter is also a problem. Decluttering helps sell the house, and also leads to better photos.

Once the conditions are right, and the house is at its best, care still needs to be taken to achieve the best results.

But the proof of the pudding lies in our schedules and web presentation which can be checked out in our property selection.

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